On the filming of the fifth episode of the seventh season of Doctor Who.

It was surreal watching them work, and hearing their voices, because I live in America where the cast of my favorite television show never is. When I heard they would be coming to film in my city I was… there’s no word to describe how I felt. Then I watched them film. I saw Matt and Karen cry on a park bench in front of 200 screaming fans, filming the episode that would be Amy and Rory’s last. It was so sad, and moving because Karen wasn’t even on film, it was the Doctor’s scene and yet she still cried. TO be able to watch this, these last moments of my favorite OTP, was so moving. I think that it was so so personal, and that Matt, Karen, and Arthur truly are amazing actors. Having Doctor Who here, in NYC, for this moment is more then I could have ever wished for. 

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